Making Socks The American Way - In the USA

Example of girls' and infant girls' socks: from solid to striped, No-Show to quarter socks, scallop to fuzzy top and more...

Infant girl's socks

Bow and Lace sock
09 Bow & Lace Socks
infant applique sock
09 & 46 with Applique
Bobby with lace sock
09 Bobby w/ Lace
laces socks
09 Various Laces
applique sock
2100 with Applique
spacedye with stayput tickle tyme
2100 Spacedye w/Stayput Tickle Tyme Insert
bow and applique sock
0218 Bow & Applique
0311 White
pd mtz
PD Mtz 4137
racing stripe
0218R Racing Stripe
0218 RT Bright
picot top
3102 Pink h/t Picot Top
arch support
0218 Arch Support
bow applique
0218 Bow Applique
stripes clip strip
0218 Bright Stripes Clip Strip


Girls socks

3104 Game On
3104 Game On Pink h/t
Bobby Pink and Lilac Edging
57 Bobby w/Pink & Lilac Edging
Rayon Scallop
7249 CV Rayon Scallop
Bubble Pastel
5137 Bubble Pastel & Spacedye
No Show Racing Stripes
5137 No Show Racing Stripes
PD no Show
PD 6137 Girls No Show Arch Support
46 Bobby
46 Assorted
46 White (1); 09 (m); 7249 Pink (r)
Laces Socks
Lace Socks Various
Multi w/ Bows
68 Multi w/Bows
5137 Pastel
PD 5137 Single Pastel Stripe
0318 RT Brights
0318 RT Bright
5137 PD colored
PD 5137 Colored
Neon Multi Clip Strip
19292 Neon Multi CLip Strip
Nylon Neon
7137fk Nylon Neon
Bobby Tie Dye
68 Bobby Tie Dye
Tips and Solid Clip Strip
PD 5137 Tips & Solid Clip Strip
Bobby with applique
68 Bobby w/ Applique